6 Types of Roofs You Can Install in Your Home

Roof designers are coming up with new designs often. When designing roofs, they have to consider the functionality as well. Now you have lots of choices for your roof design. Here are some of the designs you can use for your home.


This roof looks very interesting from the exterior. The shape of the roof is asymmetrical, and there is a short side and a long side. The home looks like one story from one side and two stories on the other.

Mansard roof

There are four slopes in the roof, two on each side of the house. The lower slope is steeper than the upper slope. In many cases, the upper slope is not visible from the ground. This is a French style of roof. You can get extra living or storage space at the top of the house with this type of roof.

Gambrel roof

This roof is Dutch-inspired. It is very similar to the Mansard roof. The main difference is that it has vertical gable ends. The roof also hangs over the home’s façade. These features are not present in the Mansard roof.

Pyramid roof


This roof is shaped like a pyramid. This kind of roof is used in small structures like the pool house of garage. The design is very attractive, and it will make your house stand out from the rest of the houses in your neighborhood.

Flat roofs

There are lots of benefits of flat roofs. These roofs are easy to construct. They are more accessible, and you can stand on them safely. One drawback of this roof is that debris can gather on the roof and they must often be cleaned as they have no place to go to. So, regular cleaning of the roof is necessary.

Skillion roof

It has a single sloping roof surface. You can consider it as one-half of a triangular roof. It can also be seen as a flat roof with a little inclination. It is usually used in certain part of a house. You can use this type of roof on the multi-level house to create unique shapes and patterns for the house.

The roofs of many houses you move into are already built. But you can keep these designs in mind. Over the years you will need to restore the roof or replace it. You can choose one of these roof designs at that time to improve the look of your home. Before choosing a type of roof, you should know in details the materials used and the benefits of these roofs. You must consider the weather of the place you live in before choosing a roof design.